Signal .to Noise – About Blank EP


Signal .to Noise - About Blank EP Cover


Signal to Noise is back with a 3 track EP of rocking techno.. slammin’ grooves, thick heavy bass and sparky percussion all the way!


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Signal .to Noise – Outlaw EP


Signal .to Noise - Outlaw EP Cover


A couple of scorching techno cuts up next on Rebel records Outlaw features a driving filtered groove. heavy bass thumps & industrial tech synths, with slammin’ drums and clever production giving this one a relentless but interesting energy Krach has a deeper throbbing vibe to it, with tight dirty synth hits, and creeping pads.. while the minimal use of highs makes for dramatic peak when the hats do enter!


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Signal .to Noise – Vertigo EP


Signal .to Noise - Vertigo EP Cover


Signal .to Noise up next on remedy, with 3 peak time techno killers Vertigo leads the way with a thumpin’ filthy groove led cut, with retro tube melodies & haunting pads.. Cognitive Dissonance has more spacey vibe to it, with floaty pads, spoken scientific vocal licks but with an equally tuff groove, and flaring drums. Finally Absolut closes off the EP with a relentless dark techno track, minimal on the hooks & melodies, but maxed out on the pile driver beat n bass combo!


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Alexander Sting

From now on:

Techno: Signal .to Noise
Music: Alexander Sting

I have some forthcoming releases under the name of Signal .to Noise scheduled for July, August and September so please stay with me!

My new Twitter is or @AlexanderSting